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Oct 25, 2016

Ian and Carl: You Can't Fire Me...

I have written a new 'chapter' for the collection.

I posted it over at DA -> Ian and Carl: You Can't Fire Me...

I'll be posting it over at Wattpad in a few hours if not a few days. :)

I may come back and post the whole thing here. I'll see. :)

Well, my long weekend is over. My sister didn't have work Monday and today. She has a Jewish boss so his office was closed for one of their holidays. I think it was 'Jewish New Years'? Not completely sure.

I did get some work in The Queens, but because of my coughing, I didn't get to work on it as much as I would have liked.

I thought that since I was stuck at such a point, so far into the first book, then I should at least move on the second draft of the first book and perhaps that would help me understand where to take where I left off, to where I know it should end.

Then I'll just work on the second draft for books 2 and 3. I'm half tempted to put off looking up recipes until the actual writing, but now that I think about it, I think I'll do the research for the dishes and just write down the names. That way I must have to look them up again to help describe them.

If you have suggestions I'm all for them. I'm looking for older dishes. Something that doesn't need refrigeration since they don't have any in my book and mostly vegan. Perhaps vegetarian. They almost don't eat any meat. Maybe once or twice a week, but it's so against their norm, that just about no one is sitting down to a stake.

Ok. That's my update. :)


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