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Apr 13, 2016

I'm rethinking which story to submit to publishers.

If you have read my stories, the long ones, you know that "Daddy's Acceptance" is my most taboo story.

But I was trying to get it published first, because I thought it was the first of my 'great' stories that could be published.

But as I keep reading of what people will or will not publish, I'm thinking I should go with "House Boys" first. Then see if who ever picks that up will be willing to do "Daddy's Acceptance" next.

I say this as I read it over again because I realized that there was something that I should add too it, but by the time I sat down, last night. to do just that, I couldn't remember what it was. But I did rework one part. But I don't want to go over the whole thing again.

And I just deleted the copy of the same story over at Goodreads. I forgot I posted it there and I had comments and everything, but I deleted it and now I'm thinking this. It's like setting the timer on a bomb, thinking you weren't be anywhere near it when it goes off, then you end up sitting in the same room it as it ticks down the last few seconds.

So what am I doing?

I'm adding to my rough draft, I take that back. I'm writing my draft of the three books of "The Queens". I was on one heck of a roll, then I stopped for some reason and I just started it up again last night. I think I lost my steam and perhaps my thread. I didn't write that much and I know I'm near the end of the third book.

I also have the middle of the first book to write up next.

I'm going to fight it, but I know I'm gong to find myself continuing to read through "Daddy's Acceptance" then I may pull myself to read over "House Boys" with the help of  Google drive to catch even more errors. I read part of it, when I stopped off at Scribd to copy the discrip I had for the story for some reason. The site remembered where I last read to, so that was what I was looking at, and saw that it had one mistake that was repeated, of course, to my dismay.

For some reason I wanted to write onto, but wrote unto instead. Over and over and over again. So for that alone I have to read over the story and replace them and in the process find other things I missed.

I think I'll work on "House Boys". I will leave all my copies up this time. They will only come down if I get it published, and they will get the newly fixed copies too. I think I have one person I can send "Daddy's Acceptance" too and they will be the last ones for that story. My readers will be happy to get it back. I have someone over at DA who actually asked me where the story went. She's read it over 30 times it seems. If there is one, there are more. :)

So, I want to get up in about 6 hours, so won't happen, but I want to try, so I won't continue the draft right now. I'll try and do that in sunlight hours after I get back, if I get to go, from town today.


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