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May 6, 2016

I Did Not Lie

It was one, ok two, small contests. I even only wrote one story for them to share. And, and, I've been working on my draft for 'The Queens'.

So I didn't lie about not going to work on new things since I have back stories to write.

So this contest story.


I'm hitting two contests with one stone today and I like what I came up with. I didn't really set it up that way until I saw it already walking in that direction. 

The first contest is titled "Hero's Fall" and it's from the club Literature-Anonymous

The second contest is titled "Living a Lie" and that's coming from AdultLitAnon

I tried really hard to keep this from going down the gay road, and I succeeded even though I can see something just off the page that shows how close I came to including it. It's really a plot bunny that I denied. 

The contests are over in a day. Yeah! I'm a day early. :party: So I'll be back in about 4 days to let you know how badly I lost. I think the voting period is like 3-ish days long. 


So that was my comment/note on the story over at DA.

Here is the link - A Hero's Lie by Jemgirl 


It's now on Scribd. :)

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