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Feb 3, 2016

First Rejection Letter

I got this yesterday, Feb 2.

So, it was a bit of a mixed bag but over all good news.

I have actually pulled out the story and worked on two things. I think I fixed the first sex scene, and I started work on fleshing out Ben a bit more, but I'm not sure about the next sex scene. It wasn't meant to be something of great importance.

As for Ben, if I didn't already feel like I defined Ben late in the story, past the 45 pages he read, I would be very offended, if not saddened that he was mixing them up in his mind.

So, I wrote him back and said that I was willing to work on the story, and that I would like for him to finish reading the story and to let me know what else he believes I should work on.

He seemed interested and likes the story and he said it was the kind of story they like to publish, so between him finishing it and reading the other 300 pages, and my fixing some of the first 45, I think I have a punisher. Why turn my back on them and track down another?

Wish me luck.

Feb 3 - The Next Day

Well I believed that I would get a response back today and I did. It wasn't what I was hoping for, but it was a response.

For the same reason it took him months to just lay his hand on my story and read 45 pages, is why he can't read the whole thing. Major wok load. But he does wish me will. So I'm going to do what I first set out to do. Make the start of the story stronger and see what I can do for Ben. I've already fixed up the first sex scene so I can cross that off the list.

I'll try and fix up the second one just because it has bugged me. The teacher should be wearing a condom, but somehow I let it pass the first time. I thought I was crunched for time when I was going over it, so I didn't think too long on how to change it and ended up leaving it in place. Now it seems that I do have time and I will fix it.

So when it's done, I'll send it to another publisher, suggestions on publishers are welcomed, and see how they like the improved version. I would send it back to Go Deeper Press, but I think I would just fall into the black hole of their backlog. But I'm not opposed to sending it back there if the others turn me down too.

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