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Jan 28, 2016

New Stories

Hey. :) Sorry it's been a while.

New stories. Yes.

I have kinda finished "Pregnant Male" aka "Painful Equality". I might be changing the name. The first title is too plain and it wasn't as painful as the second title suggests. I'll see. Anyway, kinda finished means that I've gotten to what I think is the end of the story. But now I have to read it all back over to see if there are changes to be made other than typo corrections.

I took so long writing this that I expect there to be, but I'm a little ashamed that it's so short. For how long I've had my hands on this I would have liked there to be at least 100 pages. Not 56 with double spaced lines. :( So sad.

But as it stands now, that is how long it is. I may add more to the middle and make it longer as I read it through by adding in some scenes that I didn't think of at the time, or decide to put back in. We shall see.

Now, while I was trying to write that one, I got an idea for anther story. I think I told you about it. It's current title is "The Queens". I've written about a page or two of it, but I've kinda stopped to get a draft going.

Just checked. I did tell you about it. It almost seems like I was half asleep at the time for all the errors I have to go back and fix in the post.

One thing that is different from what I said there, which I'm going to leave in when I fix it, is that they, the couples, will know about each other. Well, at this point the two girls will be sisters. I'm having so many ideas of where and how this can go that I may make another story out of this world. Heck, if I do a good job of making this world, I'll live there for a while, if not move in from time to time.

Also, Wattpad readers seem to like 'The Gift". I'm posting "Together" right now, but if anyone is readying any of my stories there, they are currently reading 'The Gift". I've had two comments there from people asking for a continuation of the story. Which wasn't the plan since it is a side story to "Daddy's Acceptance".

Another story that I have to get back to. I'm suppose to be writing another story will all of them. It's suppose to be around Eddi's graduation from high school and starting of, if not attending college. I could play devil's advocate and toss the kids from "The Gift" along with the kids from "Daddy's Acceptance" into the same college. :D One stone, two birds.

Then there are the next two, that's right two, other parts for my Inuyasha fanfic set. I should be outlining the next one now that is going to be centered around Sango and Kouga. I'm just not sure where to start it yet.

Then there is the old draft that is still waiting for me. I just don't feel like starting it yet. Half my problem is that after I wrote the draft and showed it to a friend, her notion of it being an already written story might have rubbed off on me and I don't feel like 're-writing' it. I know. Dumb and stupid. So I'm sticking with I don't feel ready to write it yet, but it's over there in the corner shining a light to keep me from forgetting it.

Then there is "Ian and Carl". :shakes head:

I can not start anything new until I have taken care of one of these stories not counting the two I have my hands on at the moment.

So there you go.

And no, I haven't really heard back from the publishing company yet. But they still have time.

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