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Oct 9, 2014

Another Short story.


I said that I would post the whole story after the votes were announced.

This was my second take on the prompt of "Erotic Vampire Short Story". I just jumped further into the story then the first part I wrote that spanned like 4 pages. :) When I'm done writing that I'll post it too.

I might even come back and add others now and again to the "Ian and Carl" collection. :D


Ian and Carl - A Perfect Union
“What about that one Carl?” Ian asked me as he pretended to drink a smoothie and fail once again. He was still so young that human food tasted like rot in his mouth. He would be fighting his old human habit of thinking he had to eat for a few more years.

I looked up at the blonde that he had pointed out. I wasn't overly fond of her bare midriff,  but what passes for a pair of shorts these days had me admiring her legs. I narrowed my senses to her alone. I blocked out Ian as he spit out the last of what had gotten into his mouth. I no longer noticed the traffic that continued to whiz by behind our shaded bench. She was the only one on the path in front of me.

I heard the fast beating of her heart. I smelled her from her dilated pores that was poorly compensated for with her brand of deodorant. She lived all her life in this city, but she had the blood of Norwegian fishing village that reminded me of when I was still human and oh so very young. I'm not sure why Ian picked her, but she did appeal to me.

“Did you plan on taking her home, or just to have her pass out on her jog?” I asked my partner as I let the rest of the world creep back into my consciousness.

“Let's see how she tastes first before making room in our bed for her,” Ian said as he threw his drink into the trash. We stood and melted back into the trees that were behind our bench. We tracked her with our eyes and jumped every one hundred feet so she wouldn't feel followed. When she finally jumped unto a short cut that took her off the main running path, Ian was already waiting for her. I stood back out of the sunlight and gave Ian a chance to practice his trancing.

“Hello,” he started as he continued to lean against the tree he had chosen.

“Hello,” she answered back with a smile. I didn't see, but heard it in her voice since I was standing behind them. I stepped and now saw their interaction from a new angle. He looked at her and she came to him. He continued to concentrate as he extended a hand out and she shook it as she stepped even closer. I smelt the change in her scent as her pheromones started to spike.

The source of the heat under her skin changed. Ian hasn't said another word and he had her touching his face now. Her heart rate was now faster then when she had been sprinting fifteen minutes ago. They kissed and her body melted into his. He pulled her off the path as he now kissed her back. She clung to him and disregarded how cool his skin felt to her touch.

I watched over them as the woman straddled Ian to the base of the tree where he had seated them. Her jogging top was now hanging from a low branch where it had gotten snagged after Ian tossed it away. I stood ready as he broke eye contact with her when he couldn't resist licking her skin, but she stayed fixated on him. She moaned a little louder as his fangs pricked the skin around her nipples. The smell of her hot blood now had me standing at their side.

I felt my cock harden as my fangs grew. Sex and feeding were a fetish to each other for me. I couldn't do one without thinking about, wanting, needing the other. Ian only had one hunger to fill as he continued to suck the blood from around her hard nipple.

I gave up trying to understand years ago why my skin was pale, why the sun never warmed me, how I ached for my heart to beat when I now looked at Ian and only have my cock grow in response to his presence. As I pulled him up from his feast, my heart ached as I saw the blood on his lips, his teeth pronounced, his eyes black as he stared back into the place I once housed a soul. I kissed him hard, licking the sweet redness from lips as I bit his lip to get more.

His trance so was embedded that I soon felt the woman's hands on me as she sought contact. Soon I could no longer keep him from returning to the red liquid that was covering her left breast. I looked to her as she now knelt over Ian's lap. Her head bent forward as she held his close to her breasts as he suckled from her. I reached for one of her hands and she smiled at me.

She freed herself from my grasp to slide a finger nail across my lips. She moved down the center of my chin and down the front of my shirt that she had already unbuttoned. She was positively in heat as her breathing deepened and her fingers undid the button and then the zipper for my pants.

I leaned forward when she slid my cock out into the open. As she rubbed my hard extension my hands slid around her skin in all directions. Her moans caused my fangs to hurt with want. I perched her skin just above her collar bone. She hissed and sighed before she swore up a storm that was in time to her frantically moving hand.

She started to buck into Ian's crotch causing Ian and myself to moan at the new sweetness entering her blood stream. She came and the ripple along her skin had me soaking her hand with a fluid that was as cold as I was. It sent her into another fit at its luscious surprise. As her blood cooled we ended our meal and licked her wounds closed. We stood and dressed as she slept on the grass covered ground.

Ian pulled me into an embrace and allowed me to lick his lips clean before he kissed me in return. I felt my desire for him grow once again.

“You did like her,” he informed me as the kiss ended.

“She was very cooperative,” I told him as tried to kiss him again. He allowed me a few moments before turning to look at the girl.

“You can keep her for a few days if you want,” he tells me. “Happy one year anniversary,” he announces as he turns to look at me once again. I was impressed that he remembered or even bothered. “A bit more spur of the moment than Kim was, but no less fitting or thoughtful I hope,” he said as he now nuzzled my neck. I may see him as my love, but he also saw me as his master, his father, his sire.


Oh, I won third place for the shorter version. This was the whole version that I whittled down to meet the contest required word count.

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