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Aug 12, 2014

I Tried For A Contest At DA and Didn't Win.

It was a hard contest and aimed itself at one of my weaknesses.

The contest was to write a very, very short erotic story. How short? 50-150 words short.

So I just picked an interesting bit from my third attempt. Of course I didn't win with that. It wasn't a story.

It was an excerpt from a make out scene. It was erotic, like they asked, but not a story.

Now they are having a slightly longer one. 350 words. Also erotic, but this time it has to be SciFi. I'm trying again. I'm going to put some time in on it in a few mins.

Oh, here is that losing bit, I'll come back and make the longer story, but not right now.


The Nest - 111
by jemgirl

“AAHh,” I screamed as I continued to feel pain. I gasped as my hardening nipples started to hurt. I felt myself get wet and drip unto him. Despite the pain I wanted him. He moved again and it was easier. On his forth thrust into me I felt bliss in the back of mouth. I moved my hand from the chair and slid it up his stomach, over his chest and around his neck. I held the back of Jason's head with his hair firmly clutched between my fingers. “More,” I demanded. His eyes looked darkly amused before he laid his hands on the floor on either side of me.


The 111 is my word count. See how little that is? I didn't realize it when I started. Oh well.

On to the next one.

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