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Sep 4, 2013


A few months back I started messing with the covers of my stories. Most were replaced because I couldn't find the ones I used the first time. Only two I think were replaced because they were wrong size and didn't really fit a 8.5x11 layout. I think that's called Letter size.

So here is a look at my new covers. Some are are being used some aren't. Since I want to review the stories before reposting. That is how I really ended up remaking them. I fixed some part of a story and had to go remake the pdf book and there were no covers for me use.

No, I haven't a clue how that could have happened, but I do have them now. Pdf's, jpg's and gimp files. :D

I think that's it. The other two so stayed the same. "Wish" that side story from my Inuyasha book, and "Hello" along with "Late Lunch". I didn't touch those.

So do you like the new covers? Yes, I made all of them myself. :)

Still working on a cover for 'House Boys'. I tried something and I posted it over at DA, but right after I finished it, I realized that it wasn't going to work since I had two people to represent in it, and not just one. If it was jsut one, then the cover I came up with would just need a little tweaking. :) But alas, no such luck.

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