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May 19, 2012

Beta Job

When I was suppose to be studying building mechanics, I was reading over and correcting some stories over at DA ( Well the first one for sure. I tried to do the next two when I couldn't get myself to do home work and for some insane reason thought that I didn't have any. Which is very insane since we always have home work.

Anyway, over at DA I found a story that I kinda liked but needed helped. I only thought about doing it because it was so small. The person seemed happy for my help, which lead me to believe that it was ok to do another one. I did a few weeks later, and once again a few weeks back. The second one was once again received well, but I knew something was up as I did the last one and sent it to him. Yep, it was a guy writing these stories.

He didn't want my help anymore. I figured I was doing too much since he never asked for my help, but I was going thought what he was writing and re-writing them. It could clearly be seen as an insult even thought it started out as a complement.

How he had good ideas and showed promise of a really good story, but needed help getting it there. So he thanked me and said something about how if he ever needed my help he will ask, but he liked doing his stories on his own and that there weren't any bad feelings.

I thanked him too and said I didn't hold it against him. I had reason too and that I would like to help him if he ever needed it from me. I also thanked him for getting me to write less then ideal gay love stories. He took a more harder edge to his, which was a style that I hadn't really tried yet so I got so step out of my box for a bit.

Well here are the links. The first set are over at DA and are labeled as mature content, so you will need an account to see them. The pdf links from Scribd are now up as you can see anyone can see those and download them if they wanted to.:)

Trent and Lucas - Deviantart Link - Scribd Link
Military School - Deviantart Link - Scribd Link
Hotel Hook-Up - Deviantart Link - Scribd Link 

I kinda feel like continuing that last one Hotel Hook-Up. I'll have to ask him for permission of course. I should ask for it now to be on the safe side. I'm not sure when or even if I'll get around to it. In a week I'll be back to writing 'House Boy'. :)

Later. :) 

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