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Nov 23, 2011

Last Chapter for Inuyasha Has Been Posted!

On DA that is. The grand total is 91. After three years my story ends on chapter 91, and even then someone says that I ended on a cliffhanger. :)

I didn't really mean to, but I haven't really left it forever. I have a New Years story that may or may not get posted by New Years, and I feel like spending some time with Sango and Kouga. :) We shall see what happens. 

Now I'm also posting this over on my Scribe account in pdf format. It's going to be a big 'book' when I put all the chapters together but I have each chapter by itself also. I even had a cover, of sorts, for it right now. I'm just trying to get official permission to use their pics as part of my cover. 

Speaking of covers. I'm set to get a get one for 'Daddy's Acceptance' from a friend of mine over at DA ( It will be nice to see it.... darn. I was suppose to send the girl the specks on each person this past weekend. Well, I'll have time this weekend. I'll just put it in my calender to make sure I send it out to her.

It will be a hoot to see Alex and Ben and the others in 'the flesh' so to speak. :D

Small Update. ...

I got around to getting the discriptions together and sending them off to her. I was kinda surprised when I saw the sheet I was using. When I first saw it, I thought that it was wrong and that I had lost the real sheet, then I realized that I was expecting to see the sheet I had put together for 'Together' my Inuyasha story. :)

So I beefed that up a bit before I sent it off to her and found myself trying to find out about the other people I had in the story along with people from the story 'Gift', since it was a 'spin off' from 'Daddy's Acceptance' and we do see the boys for a few moments and we are still in their school. :)

I may go back there on there and I will need these 'notes'. It would be nice to see how Alex and Eddi turn out. It's a given in my head what happens to Ben and Keven. :) Maybe I'll throw something interesting in there. ... Either way I'm going over a simple update here. :)

I will for sure let you know when I get the covers. If you are interested in seeing my notes on the main people from 'Daddy's Acceptance' and 'The Gift' let me know. Still working on the last part.

Three more weeks of school. .... out of here. Woke up late. 

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