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Jul 24, 2009

Chapter 64

Hello People. *grin*

I have arrived at chapter 64. I'm narrowing in on the end. I may make my new dead line and have this completed by the time I start college. Wouldn't that be nice?

A few weeks ago, I just started re-writing a story of mine that I had grown beyond a bit. The re-write took me in a whole new direction. I've now ventured into sexual torture. I hint at most of it since it was in the past, but what makes it a really edgy story for me is the fact that it's an 'incest' story.

Don't hate me. *hands up to ward off blows* The good thing is.... well I killed the good thing buy doing something else. Or at least hinting at it. can rant on me now.

In other story writing news, I've come to realize that if I ever do another story for Fanfiction under Inuyasha, that I should Kagome's couple-hood away and in a separate story from anyone else's.

My popularity has taken a dive because of it. Hold on. Have I told you that I started to post my Inuyasha story over at yet? Sorry if I haven't. It's titled "Together". I know. I suck at names. Speaking of which I need to look up a name for someone knew how is just passing thought my story right now. I'm not even sure where I actually left off. :(

Ok, I left off at page 4 of chapter 64 and I'm giving Sango and her mate-to-be some air time. I have been short changing them. I think I may let them wonder around and talk to us for a bit about things going one at Sess' home and the upcoming annoucements. I'm so fare in the furture that you most likly will not remember me telling you all this. :) I hate giving away a story, but I don't think I'm giving away much here.

Well I should find those two names. I got to go now.

See ya next update. :)

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