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Apr 20, 2014

Awaken 2

I'm done with the second story for the book.

Yes, that was fast. I finished it two days ago really. I was just out for a day, unconscious for most of the next, then I had to read it over with a lot of interruptions.

I just posted it over on my Tumblr account. I think I will post all stories there, and link them here. When I've reached about 9-12 of them, then I'll put the cover on them and post the book over at Scribd.

Now this story is based on a drawing I found online. This one actually.

I came up with a great story, as you will read, but before posting, I decided to do a search for anything labeled 'yaoi' on Tumblr and the slew of boys in maid outfits that came up. For once I'm on the cure and not way behind it. :)

Well here you go. Awaken - 2 - Real Cream. Nice title ha? :D

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