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Jul 8, 2017

"Oh Hey..." {gay/in public}

I was told to meet him here. Him, being a baseball team member by the name of Jonah. We got on well, but we never hung out before. I had no reason to tell him no, so I texted him back almost right away that I would meet him. And since it was at the library, I thought it was going to be schoolwork related. We did have a few classes together.

I walked around and looked for him for about 30 mins before I just called him to ask where he was. He said that he was in the parking lot. He then asked if I knew what his car looked liked. I told him that I did, with the sound of questioning why he was out there and not coming in.

“I have something for you and I can’t give it to you in there.”

“You have something for me?” I asked him thinking this was just getting more and more odd.

“Yeah, I saw you watching it for so long that I thought I could just give it you.”

I couldn’t think of what he was talking about, but now I was a little interested to see what it was, so I told him that I would be right out.

I took my time since he waited for me to call him to find out where he was. Once I got out to the parking looking and started to look for his car, I remembered that there were two parking lots. The big new one that I was looking at that was built on the site where part of the library had burnt down 20 years ago. There was a smaller parking lot that you almost had to look for if you didn’t know about it.

Once I rounded the corner, I saw his car along with one other on a lot meant to hold at least 30 cars. I walked over and was about to say something as I looked in and saw that he was naked. What I was going to say I quickly forgot as I saw him stroking his dick. I stood there for a moment watching him as two small words slipped out.

"Oh, hey..."

His smooth body. His smooth naked body in public. His smooth naked body in public as he jacked off. I noticed that he looked at me a few times as he continued.

Once I hadn’t run off he told me to get in. As I made my body move, I realized what he was talking about. He had noticed me watching him in the shower. If not just in the locker room as we got dressed and undressed. As real as the car felt around me and remembering that he was giving me something, I didn’t try to touch him until he told me that I could suck him off. It was as I dived in I saw that he was recording us. As much as I wanted to ask him why, I couldn’t pull my mouth away until I bobbed my head 4 times.

He said that the blow job was his gift to me, but the video was a gift for himself. I looked back at his cock that he had gone back to jerking as we talked. I licked my lips and rubbed the front of my jeans. I asked if I could jerk off too. He told me to get comfortable. So I did. I opened my pants and pulled down my boxers so I could rub one out as my mouth fitted itself around his cock again.


Tumblr Link To See The Photo That Inspired This Story

Jun 28, 2017

Taking It Slow {Age Gap/Straight Couple}

I slowly sank into her. She pulled me closer. She wanted it to happen so quickly, but I wanted to not rush the moment. She was finally legal. 

I made her wait. I told her it was better this way. That there was no rush. But she didn’t see it that way but loved me enough to wait. But she didn’t wait patiently.

She never ruined our dates, but she spared a minute, if not a few seconds, to remind me of what else we could have been doing. Her clothing shrunk by the month. Her suggestions got bolder. It was as if she was in a race with her own birthday.

Her eighteenth birthday was going to be a day that we will both remember.

She showed up early and even woke me up with her repeated ringing of my door bell. She looked far too chipper for that time of the day. She took my hand and lead me to the bathroom. I went along to see what she was going to do as I started to really wake up.

She jumped up onto the counter and lifted her legs to pull down a pair of green lace panties. She dropped them next to this little bag that she had brought with her. Her skirt stayed hiked up, showing off a lovely dark brown bush of trimmed hair between the top of her thighs.

A buzzing sound pulled my attention away. I saw an electric razor in her hand before she opened her legs a little more.

“No,” I implored her as I realized what she was going to do.

“I’ll let it grow back,” she said before she started at the top and worked her way down.

“Then why shave it off at all?” I asked as I watched as she de-aged her pussy.

“When you first met me,” she started without looking up. “I was bald down here.”

“So?” I asked her when she didn’t continue.

“It’s my first fantasy,” she said as she looked at me for a moment before going back to executing her plan.

“You had fantasies that young?” I asked as internally moaned as she got rid of the last of the hair down there.

“Of course,” she said as she dusted the last bits off her body and onto the floor between us. “I was young, not unknowing,” was her defense. I continued to watch as she wet a washcloth, that she also brought with her, and whipped her sex down to really get all the hair and clean her skin.

Next was a bottle of something that smelled like flowers but looked like an oil. She rubbed it over her shaved flesh and into her vagina. I had kept myself from touching her for so long that I wasn’t sure what to do other than lean back against the wall in my small bathroom as I watched her starting jilling off.

“Catty?” I asked her as she pulled her legs up and placed her heels on the edge of the counter showing off her pussy that she continued to push into and the hole below it that looked far more inviting that it should have. As I reached my hand forward to brush my cock through my boxers, I pulled back.

She was just watching me as her eyes got a little darker and her eyelids looked too heavy to open all the way. She didn’t answer me but moaned as her knees came together and her fingers left her vagina to rub furiously at her clit.

I was a man, not a saint, I told myself as I reached into my underwear and pulled on myself three times before ditching the garment completely. I looked down to make sure that I wouldn’t trip somehow as I got undressed. When I looked back up again, her eyes were more alert as she looked at me.

As I stepped closer, she leaned back against the glass. Was her hair that messy when she first got here? I asked myself before my eyes continued traveling down her face, over a black tank top that hid the kind of bra she was wearing. Then there was the bunched up dark blue skirt that was around her waist. It hid her navel leaving a small patch of skin before I entered her deforested zone. Her mound looked indecently bare and slick before I watched her clit that stood tall and pulsed just above her folds that she left open for me.

I could see the mixing of her own juices and the oil she had used. I wanted to lick it off and bury my tongue as deep as I could get it, but I wanted to fuck her more. She has already prepared herself for me and no condom was needed since she’s been on the pill since she was fourteen due to the recommendation of her family doctor.

I slid my cock over her folds once before I slowly started to push in. Her legs went around my waist and resisted her push to go deeper faster. I sank down into her hot insides and fully seated myself before kissing her breast through her clothes.

She didn’t react like I expected her to. There was no recognization of pain in any of her movements which just proved to me that her teasing about sex toys hasn’t been just words to me. That gave me permission to move sooner than I thought I would be able to. I pulled all the way to the tip and sank sinfully slow back inside.

I felt the pressure from her walls. I knew she felt it all. I moved just a tad faster on my second stroke. I even rocked up a little pushing her clit into my pubic hair. That got a moan out of her. I tortured her with my slowness as enjoyed it all. By the time I had her writing under me, she was naked. Her tank top long ago stripped from her body. Be bra was the matching half of the panties she got rid of earlier and her skirt wasn’t far behind in its removal.

When I was there myself, I pulled her up by the ass and carried her into the bedroom. I disengaged and dropped her to bed that she had woken me out of. She looked up me, waiting for me to continue and smiled as I lowered myself to her level. I kissed her inviting lips before I turned her over. I spread her legs and pushed into her again without pause. Her body bowed and her legs spread even wider.
She rocked back into me as she sought her own end. I held her legs. I held her waist, but when I had a fist full of her ass, that hole begged me to play with it. Her slick oil made it easy, and her increased moans and pace told me she was having fun.

“Robert,” she moaned and my dick ached with lust for her. Then she said it again, and again and I felt her body changing. Her passage got wetter, her legs started to shake, her core trembled, her voice got higher each time she uttered my name. Her body bounced off mine like a ball being smacked into a wall.

I slid my thumb into her ass repeatedly. I got up on my knees and pushed forward as much as she was pushing back. She was cumming and I wanted to feel it mixed with my own.

I swore as my own toes curled as they hung over the side of the bed. My name was now shouts from deep down inside her as I watched her starting to get unglued.

She shook and spasmed as she at times buried her face in my sheets and didn’t. The suction her vagina held me in was a demented dream that had my cumming not that long after she did. I looked down at her as her sweaty body left an outline on my sheets. Both our harsh breaths were easily heard in the now much quieter room.

I fell forward onto my hands and kissed her shoulder.

“Happy Birthday Catty,” I said before I did let my body cover hers and I wrapped my arms around her.


Tumblr link so you can see the photos.

Jun 2, 2017

... I felt like writing something... {Age gap/Gay}

“I used to have a very dominant boyfriend, he would get home from work and I would already be naked for him... he loved it when I would call him daddy and would tell me what a good boy I was every time we finished having sex. The worst part is... he was my best friends dad and no one except me and him knew about it. He’s married"
I think this one needs to be picked apart, or added to, a bit.
I haven’t been able to forget the first time I laid eyes on my last boyfriend for the first time. When we were together, it was comforting and perhaps I remember it so well now because I pulled it to the front of my mind so often when we were together.
I walked into my room to find him talking to John, my roommate this year. Last year I was paired with a senior, and this year I got a freshman. Despite a three-year gap, we became fast friends John and me. 
“Oh, sorry,” I said before I started to back out. I really should have knocked I realized as I started to back out. I looked at them as gave an apologetic smile as I moved backwards. 
“Don’t bother, I was just leaving,” were the first words he said to me. I gave him my full attention as he moved in my direction. He was tall and my kind of good looking. He was smiling and somehow I knew this was important. He was important. 
After seemingly by chance meetings and moments of contact via the land line in my dorm room, we exchanged cell phone numbers and once we both confessed to having some kind of an attraction to each other, we set up our first date. We met at Applebee's on what turned out to be a very busy night so we sat the bar the entire time. When we became brave enough to talk about something other than John, it became a fun and informative date. 
I didn’t have a car at the time and took the bus to met with him. So as he started to walk towards his car I explained that my bus stop was in the other direction. It was a notion that he quickly dismissed as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his car. I looked around to see if anyone was nearby, never mind looking at us, as I put up no resistance as he pulled me forward. When we got to his car, he leaned against it and pulled me against his body. My hands went out and braced myself against the car to keep myself from crashing too hard into him. We just looked at each other as we both waited for the other person to make the first move or end, if not put off, what was likely to happen next. 
His 3 inches of height on me had me breathing in the mix of Heineken, Winterfell and the last of the onion rings he ate before we left. One of his hands was rubbing my back as if he was telling me to hurry up and do something. So I did. I leaned forward as I pulled a fist full of his hair and his head down to mine. My lips burned from the prolonged pressure as we stood there kissing and grinding until a car passing by honked a few times. By the time we pulled apart, the car was gone and I knew the feeling of having puffy lips.
I’m now living in my own place. I moved out at the end of my junior year and into this apartment with Todd’s help. There were many reasons behind my move, but everyone could be forgiven for just coming up with one or two of them. It wasn’t really ‘my apartment’ for the first two years I lived here. This was our apartment. Our home. Todd and I. He didn’t come home to me every night, but he wasn’t gone long enough for me to be concerned about him. I knew he had another life, and we were always in contact with text and calls. 
When our times lined up, after a few days of sending what our weeks looked liked with work, school, and obligations to each other, I knew when he would be staying and for how long. This is when my mental prep for him began. Of course, I cleaned the apartment if it needed it and shopped for food to feed two people instead of one. 
I learned his sexual ticks gradually before I moved out of the dorm. By the time we were living together, we both knew what to expect from each other. What we needed the other to do. 
I would be naked, prepared and waiting for him to walk through the front door for the first time we meet again after a while. He would crave having me call him Daddy as he sank his cock into me repeatedly. The first time, the second time, the next and up until the last. Once I was able to wrap my brain around it, It also became a turn on for me. I only moaned, yelled and whispered that word during sex. He would answer me back with ‘Good Boy’ when we climaxed and resting in each other’s arms no matter where we did it. The living room floor, out bed, the couch, the stairwell of the apartment building. That earned me looks from a few other tenants for a week at least. 
We lived our life happily with few problems for the next 3 years. John and Todd came to my graduation. They and about 8 of my other friends threw me a party when I was officially hired by the company I was interning at for my last year of college. We, Todd and I, even attended John’s graduation with his mother. 
That was one of our problems. In fact, this might have been when the problems for us started. I had to stand next to my boyfriend as he stood next to his wife as they cheered this son graduating from college.


Sorry, no pic for this post. I just saw a gay confession and ran with it. :)

Apr 13, 2017

A Little Information


I haven't looked at 'The Queens" lately, but I feel like I'll be getting back to that in a few days. I've been working on that other story that I told you about. I have been struggling with what to feed the crew. I know I'm giving them far more to eat than most did because most of those images that we have in our heads are wrong about how a sailor lived, but I can't seem to help it.

So I tried to track down something to help me scale it back a bit, but after seeing how bad it was, I feel that I should save some/most of that for when they are doing an ocean crossing.

I found this drawing that I felt like sharing.

Pssst! Open the image in a new tab or window so you can zoom in to read everything. It's too big for me to show the original size here. 

Be grateful that you can eat veggies and fruits.

BTW, my story has a shaky date of about 1790-1850. Yeah, I haven't nailed it down and in an odd way, it helps me. I have a lot of events to pick from and since it's fiction, I can do what I like. I'll just have to put a note somewhere saying that even though I use names of real places and events, this is fiction, so some facts most likely have been altered. :)


Mar 11, 2017

Second New Story?

I found myself in a story and I'm already 6 chapters in because I have made myself write a chapter almost every day. All of them are over 1100 words. :)

Currently, I have a little problem. I wanted to know how sailors/captains knew when a storm might be coming when they still had decent weather. Oddly it just hit me that they would be out there and see the storm coming, but I feel like still using some of what I found since I spent so much time looking this up. I was originally looking for some kind of ...sailor's almanac, but I couldn't find one and that lead me to Weather Glass and Storm Glass. Pics below respectfully.

I've seen the last one, the storm glass, in tubes and I'm thinking of using this one since no one knows how long it has been in use, but it became associated with the captain of the USS Beagle. The ship that Darwin was on when it mapped the coastline of South America and had that 'breakthrough' on the Galapagos Islands. :) His name is FitzRoy. So you may find examples of storm glass with the name Fitzroy's Storm Glass. But he didn't make it, he popularized it in two ways. One, he wrote down what happen to it in certain conditions, like what you see above, but in pics, and then he started weather forecasting in Great Britain.

I'll double check those facts for you and confirm them in my next post.

Now, believe it or not, I just said or wrote the words 'sailor's almanac' so I just did a search and there it is. This is why some things just need to be said out loud, talked through or written down. :)

So I'll go use that and the storm glass together in my story.

Oh, yeah. It's a sea fairing yaoi story. It started out with the captain being a pirate, but I quickly got rid of that notion and he's just a captain but a freelance one with his own ship and crew.

It's not going to be a long story. If I get to 20 I'll be surprised, but it should be a fairly full story. I feel myself falling into some misconceptions, but I hope that I really don't in the end, or I change them in some way so I won't be crucified over them. :)

I'm saving the drafts over at Wattpad. I won't publish it until I'm done if not a chapter or two off from the end. Its name is 'Summer Seas'.

No, I have not bailed on The Queens. :)

Mar 4, 2017

New Story??

Hey guys,

I was just writing a little story to go with a pic over on Tumblr a few days ago, as you know that I do. Well, I just kept writing as I realized that if I wanted to tell the whole story that I saw in the drawing, it couldn't be short. So when I got to a point that I thought was a good break point, I wrote, "Come back for part 2" like I did with "New Toy".

But instead of just leaving it at that, I copied what I had written over to Wattpad and added on until I felt like it was a real chapter, and then came back the next day to write chapter two. I even sat down on day one and hunted down clip art or pics to make a cover. Even though I have gotten to the end of chapter two and I'm going to try and write chapter 3 tonight, none of it is published yet. They are hanging out in the draft folder until I'm done.

If you have followed me for a while, years really, you would know that I like to post completed stories. I've been and is still being bitten by finding stories, getting into them, and then finding that they haven't been updated for months if not over a year, or this one was updated last week, but upon my arrival, they have decided to stop. So I post completed stories so no one can feel that way about my stories.

As for the story "New Toy" I don't think it will have more than 4 parts. 5 at the most just because I'm not sure yet as to where I will stop it. At first, I was thinking it would happen once they both left the office, but I may think of a more interesting ending and that may need a whole part for itself. 😊

Now, the new story. Yeah, I thought I was done with it too. But I didn't tell you the name. It's called "Summer Seas". I didn't even realize that I was writing one of those stories until I was at the end of chapter two. Very odd feeling. Yeah, I'm not telling you what kind of story it is yet. It's so cliche it's embarrassing, but I think I'm going well at it so far. 😊

Now, as an odd tie-in, someone over at DA asked for an imaginative answer as to why guinea pigs are called sea pigs. 😆 I almost didn't do it. I looked up the real reason why and then my head was mixed up in this story that is rather close to the answer so I had to do it. And here it is. More of a teaser as to what I'm actually writing over at Wattpad. :) If you feel like 'playing along' you can follow my Tumblr and keep and eye out for the first part there. :)

Ok, Why are guinea pigs called sea pigs?


The guinea pigs as we know them now as cute fuzz balls that kids and some adults are attached to as pets didn't always have such an easy life to look forward to. In fact, distant branches of their species are still used for what they were made for. Yes made for. Maze was not the only example of humans bending nature and creating something they needed. From centuries of breeding a rodent that was once commonly found in the mountainous region of Peru, they now had a dependent source of meat that didn't take up too much space, survived the climate, tasted very well when cooked and provided small pelts that were collected to make larger garments.
Every home had a small hut that was sometimes attached to the house, and sometimes not, that sheltered anywhere from ten to twenty-five of these creatures at a time if not more. They never needed help mating and each birth consistently resulted in the birth of at least three new young ones every four months. So it wasn't uncommon to find herds of them residing in neighboring yards.

Over time this became a problem that individual villages dealt with in their way but soon found the same answer. Trade. Quivi, as they were known and sold as, slowly made their way down the trade route and out of the mountains to coastal towns and villages where they were sold to fishermen who lived on their ships and ate at sea for days at a time before having enough of what they were fishing for before coming back in to shore. Some of the tribes that didn't live in the mountain called the animal mountain stake in their own language. 

As the years went by, some children would be given the task of cleaning the Quivi in the surf before their mother would kill and cook it for dinner for those living on land. Around this time, it was discovered that they could swim and got the nickname swimming fur. The children had races where they would 'play with their food' before it actually became lunch or dinner. A few fishermen were even known to keep their swimming furs in the water the entire time they were at sea. They were held in nets and just floated there next to the boat. For some of the fishermen that caught smaller fish, this turned into an unforeseen benefit. The droppings from these creatures would bring some species of fish closer to feed. 

More years passed by and now we have Spaniards dropping anchor and trading with some of these small seaside villages and towns. In one town where the relations was good, one captain was talking with another sea fairing man and the subject came up of what they ate on their long trips back to where to they came from. The captain recounted with a fair measure of unpleasantness the shortcomings of their diet aboard ship and how he wasn't in any rush to start his voyage back because of it. This is when he's told that he could take some swimming furs on board with him like he does when he goes deep sea fishing once a month. 

The captain was skeptical but at hearing that they could have fresh meat on his trip back home, he asked more about this swimming fur creature. He then finds out that what he and his crew have been jokingly calling baby pigs because they were mostly served split roasted and tasting of pig, were these swimming furs his friend was telling him about. He was told that they wouldn't take up much space on his ship and that they breed quickly so he would have an ongoing supply once he had enough food for the creatures on long voyages and that they ate almost any grass and vegetable.

The captain thought it over and even went to see a merchant of these swimming furs with his friend as translator. The price was reasonable and he would even be given some pregnant ones free of charge this time to see how well it worked out for him. But next time he was warned that the price for those would be a little bit higher. The captain said that he would talk it over with his cook and first mate. If they agreed they would be back the next day. The seller agreed and promised to hold the pregnant ones for him. 

Over a meal of the same swimming furs that he brought from the mainland, along with sides of boiled potatoes, roasted onions and fried bananas, he proposed this new idea. He wouldn't deny that it was a planned strategy on his part to help them see things his way. And it worked. The three of them met the captain's friend and together they went to the merchant. There, a few more details were discussed and hammered out before they returned to the ship carrying five cages that were double stacked on the inside with about forty swimming furs and a bag full of their preferred diet. 

"No more swimming for you," the cabin boy said to one of the Quivi as he picked it up out the cage to give it to the cook. 

"Do you want to rename it then Brian?" the cook asked the boy before he chopped the head off and turned it over on a rack to allow the blood to drain down the wall and out a hole on the side of the ship.

"Well, we are sea men, so... it's now a sea pig," he said before stopping to think about. "Yeah, sea pig," he said with a smile before he retrieved another and handed it to the cook. 

"Sea pig," the cook said as he took it from the boy. "Not bad," he commented as he positioned the animal on the cutting down and brought down the cleaver, decapitating it also. 

By the time the ship made port in one of its colonies in the Carribean, to take on fresh water, the whole crew was calling them sea pigs. It was a meat that was served sparingly and to much fanfare, but still, they found themselves having to leave two females and two males alive so they could repopulate their numbers along with the six young ones that were born on board. They were handed over to a local plantation owner who was given instructions on how they were to be cared for and the warning of how quickly they could reproduce. He was to raise them for the ship so they could resupply when they pulled into port since their journies weren't long enough for any young that were born on board to reach the age of slaughter. 

Years passed and the sea pig lived up to its name on the island where that plantation became the only one to sell the animal to any captain willing to pay his price for fresh meat on board his ship. 


I know that it's not as creative as some of the other answers the person got, but most of what I write has to have facts in there. 😅

Feb 26, 2017

New Toy… Boy or Coach? Part 2 {Athlete/Coach}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled them blips in some of the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re-post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]

The coach didn’t say anything but just watched him until he started to round the desk. Then his eyes repeatedly darted from the advancing male to the door that he didn’t think was locked. 
“Locking coach doors behind me has become a necessary habit of mine,” Allen said as he placed both hands on each of the armrests of the chair Coach Tomkins sat in. He leaned in close and brush the sides of their clean shaven cheek and jaws before Allen pressed his body into the coach’s before sliding down to end up kneeling down between his spread legs. 
His hands closed in on his waist and pulled his shirt up reviling a well-muscled stomach. Nothing as over ambitious as a six pack, but he had definition and was firm beneath the treasure trail of black hair that grew more abundant the higher he looked. His nipples were like naked flesh islands surrounded by a sea of black curls. 
Allen’s played in them. Twining his fingers in the curls, raking his fingers along the flesh below and occasionally making landfall to tease both nipples that got harder with each passing. His hands continued to play while Allen now laid his head in Coach Tomkins’ lap. His cheek came into contact with the fabric of his pants. Today that material was denim.
The next thing he felt was the hot and hard mass that was his cock. Allen closed his eyes as he took in his first breath. Then he slid his face along, across and in circles along the trapped appendage.
Coach Tomkins’ eyes were also close. He was slowly losing control of his breathing. His mouth emitted jerking cries when his nipples were flicked, pinched, or dragged under a nail. Once he felt Allen’s face in contact with his crotch any objections he had against his show of abilities could no longer be heard if they were still present at all. He kept his hands and arms where they had been when he was facing Allen before he brought their bodies into contact. One hand rested on his desk, The other one still held on the back end of the armrest on its side of the chair. But once Allen’s hands had moved to commit assault on his person, he had taken over the whole armrest and was currently gripping it tightly as he felt himself being pulled closer to an ejaculation in his pants. 
As the idea of that happening brought him close to the event, he realized that he couldn’t let that happen. Too many questions with no answers to be given would be asked later at seeing him in such a state.
“Suck me,” he managed to breathe out. He still didn’t touch Allen even as he made this request.
“I think that will have to wait,” Allen said much closer to Coach Tomkins’ face than he was expecting. His eyes shot open to see clear brown ones looking back at him. “I remember you saying something about a practice and I’m already late. Also,” he slightly drew out. “I don’t know if I have the right to lay lips on you yet,” he ended with a grin that showed he knew he had won. 
“Fuck…” Coach Tomkins moaned as his eyes closed and he tried to stop himself from coming in his pants as Allen’s fingers now focused on his nipples alone. “Fine,” Coach Tomkins said as he gave in. “Yes. Please,” he quickly added as he once again tried to save his clothing, some of his dignity and to find out if the promise of Allen’s mouth was half as great as his fingers. 
— End of Part Two—
Check back for Part Three. :)

... Read The Sign {Naked In Public}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled them blips in some of the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re-post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]


“HEY! Ben! Guys! Come look at this!” The guy shouted. I had been there for only five minutes when he found me. He looked at the sign then looked at me before he rubbed his cock through his work pants. I was starting to sweat as I tried to keep my moans in. But it was starting to get harder. That is when he called his friends over. 
I looked in the directed he called out to and soon saw four other guys as they rounded the corner. I moaned out loud as my nipples painfully hardened. I pressed my back up against the wall. I was a little surprised that it was warm when my skin touched it. 
“AH!” I couldn’t stop it from coming out. Moving rubbed the wheel aginst my clit. I almost came. I kept my eyes shut as I heard pants being zipped open and I heard the movement of clothes. I didn’t have to open my eyes to see what was going on. I saw it in my head. 
They were looking my body and jerking off. They wanted to suck my breasts. To lick my skin. To shove their dicks in my small mouth. Up my ass and take the place of the vibrator in my pussy.
It was too much. I heard them breathing and my legs twitched and shook under me. My ass bounced on the wall as I sucked in my tummy. 
“Ah. Ah. AH! AH! AAHhh,” I muttered then shouted almost too loudly as I came. I felt my pussy get flooded and the ramming of the vibrator kept me going until I feel myself squirting. Most of it went out through a hole in the contraption that was locked onto my body but most got trapped and dripped its way down my pussy, my thighs and my legs.
I don’t remember passing out, but when I woke up my husband was combing his fingers through my hair. I was naked and laying in next to him. He was equally nude. 
“I didn’t think you would sleep this long,” he informed me. 
“Sorry dear,” I told him as I turned my head to see what he was looking it. It was me. From before. I kinda remembered this part, but not at the same time. I had crumpled to the ground and I was twitching slightly. There was a close up of the vibrator between my legs. It was still going in and out of me, but slower than it was before. 
Half of my face was covered in splashes of cum along with my chest and hands. There was just one guy above me as he stroked his cock. It was rather big and a few seconds later he hit the wall with his ejaculation before he aimed downwards and splashed what was left into my hair and on my chest. 
The camera kept rolling until they had all left, then it went black.

Feb 25, 2017

Hey. Long Time No See... Sorry.

I have been meaning to transfer some of my newer long stories over here from Tumblr, but I didn't feel any pressing need to do it sooner. Sorry.

So I was going to do that today, and went looking for this one in particular. "New Toy". I did a search on my Tumblr for "My Stories" since you have view my page a certain way to see the special page I had made to list them. BTW, I've given up updating that page. I'm going to add a note to it later saying so and why before I go back to bed.

So, the link. It was to a chapter of Ian and Carl that I posted on DA. I just wanted to see how many people have eyeballed it and I saw something I didn't expect. This.

I logged out of everything on my chrome browser a few days ago and it seemed to have logged me out of the out browsers too. So this is how non-members can see mature content on DA now. Before you were just out of luck, but now they have this for you.

So, good news for those of you who don't have a DA account and want to at least try to read what I have over at DA.

So I'll be back later with links to that Tumblr story I talked about. I'm also tempted to post it over at Wattpad. I'll see.


Jan 19, 2017

I have a question for you.

I just found out that the link to my tumblr sex stories page, on tumbler, doesn't show up the way I wanted, if at all. So I'm adding the tag 'my stories' to them so they can be found easier. My question is this. Do you even like my stories?

Yes - They expand very well on the photos used and they get me hot.
No - The photos are good, but I don't come here to read.
No - I didn't know you wrote stories.
Please Specify:

Now, this is a poll originally made for my tumblr page, so of course you know that I write stories. So for you, only the first two answers mater. :)

Jan 13, 2017

New Toy… Boy or Coach? {Athlete/Coach}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled them blips in some of the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re-post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]


“Welcome to the minor league gentlemen,” the coach started as he stood in front of the whole team for the first time that season. It appeared that everyone was on time today. 
The owner of the team had been worried that not everyone would have shown up. And just not for the first day, but for the whole season with everyone trying to hold on to the jobs that they already had during the off-season. But he seemed to have been worried for nothing. Neither the owner or the coach had received such letters. But as the owner walked up to the front of the group as he was introduced by the coach, he finally put his fears to rest. 
The coach steps down and stands next to one of the newbies, who was standing up front. They struck up a quiet conversation as the owner stated convincingly that everyone will be paid in full and on time. That all their past grievances had been addressed. He welcomed the newbies by name and thanked everyone for coming back for another season before stepping down and having the coach step back up. 
“Well,” he started. “Not much left to say except let’s practice.” he ended before clapping his hands once and having everyone else start clapping before they turned to find their locker and start to change. 
“Allen,” the coach calls out as he walks past the newbie and head towards his office. “A moment,” he tacked on as he continued walking. The newbie of 24 years, walked behind his new coach that looked as in shape as he was, down a side hallway towards an office that was roomy and well lived in. 
The coach told him to shut the door and take a seat. He himself sat behind his desk before reaching for a purple envelope. 
“I found this on my desk when I came in today. This is some joke to possible throw me off my game is it?” he asked the young man. Allen looks at the closed envelope before looking up at his coach.
“No, it’s all true,” he confirms. 
“So then explain to me why I shouldn’t be worried that you are gay? Are you celibate?” he asks him.
“God no!” Allen exclaimed in surprise and with a laugh. 
“Married?” the coach tries next.
“Nope,” Allen says as he shakes his head.
“In a committed relationship?” was his next try,
“Not currently,” Allen shot down. 
“Then why?” the coach asked to move the conversation along and towards an answer. 
“Because I don’t sleep with other players. That can de-evolve into jealous public fights. I also won’t be with some outside person who wouldn’t really be ready for all the traveling I would have to be doing,” Allen started. “I normally hook up with the coach, once he doesn’t get too power hungry,” he ended as he continued to look at the coach to see his reaction. 
“And if the coach is married?” he asked back without missing a beat. 
“She doesn’t travel with the team. This is the minor league. She stays home and works. At least she has so far,” Allen says as he leans forward thinking this may work out also. 
“And you have done this with all your coaches?” he is now asked as his current coach leans back and seems to get comfortable with the idea.
“There was this one coach back in college, but he was bad all around and replaced half way through my first year on the team. The next guy was much better.” They both now stayed quiet as they mulled over ideas and sized the other one up. This has almost never gone the same way twice for Allen. He stands and looks across the desk as the coach looks up to see what was happening. 
“I can give you a demonstration of one of my skills if you like?” Allen suggested. 
— End of Part One — 
Check back for Part Two. :) 

Free Standing Cheerleader {Teens/Younger-Older}

[ I have a number of short stories over at Tumblr. So short, I don't really like to call them stories. I even labeled them blips in some of the tags. But I promised I would share, so I'm going to pick the longest ones to re-post here. And maybe one or two that I really liked that aren't so long.]

[The photo I got this story from can be found at the link below along with the Tumblr post I'm copying this from.]


I always wonder how they can free stand like that when being eaten out. Is the girl holding on to her legs that tightly, or did the artist didn’t think about that? Or, are there more people out there than I realize who can have any kind of sex standing up?
You know what would make this better? They were in the middle of the girl’s locker room with the other cheerleaders and they were all standing around watching. And yes, the girl standing would be leaning back against something. A wall, or a locker or door of some kind.
So why isn’t there any underwear to be seen here either? Did they not wear any to the game? Was it really a game or just a practice? I’m picking practice. In fact, the coach did this. He said that they weren’t kicking high enough. Acting like they weren’t wearing any underwear. So he made them take them off.
Most of them weren’t wearing bras to begin with. Enjoying the few great years before they really needed one. So in some offbeat part of his mind, he thought that now their bottoms matched their tops.
So during practice hands were all over thighs, under asses, squishing pussies. Some hands got wetter and wetter over time. By the time they finished practice the coach was satisfied with their progress and threatened that they may practice without underwear from now on. To help them lose those inhibitions that prevented a girl from opening up her legs.
The second girl that made it to the locker was immediately grabbed by the first one. They kissed, they fondled breasts, then the first girl dropped down and went under the second girl’s skirt head first. By now half the team was in the room and in different stages of undress and looking on.
Wait. Aren’t boys on Cheerleading teams? Yes, yes they are. So where are they? Some will think that they went to the guy’s locker room. Some might have and they would be rubbing one out, hidden from the other guys, as they all remember all the pussies that they saw in the last hour or two.
One or two of them I’m sure, have girlfriends on the team and is in their locker room pounding the pussy that they, other guys, are dreaming of. Then there’s the bi guy and the bi coach who somehow made it off the field first and were cleaning up the evidence of their fucking good time when the standing girl came.

Jan 7, 2017


Last night I got into it a little with one of my artists. That so doesn't sound right. I have to explain.

I know and help a few webcomic artists. For one of them, I reformat their comic pages and post them over at Tapastic. It's a fanfic comic of the game MassEffect. She had already posted them on DA and I thought it was too good not to share. She said that I could go ahead and do it if I wanted to. So I did, and she helped with providing me with her photoshop files. My problem there is that she stopped. The world and real life derailed her time, but I'm hoping she gets back to it this year. I'll have to remind her that it's still there waiting for her along with all the followers over at Tapastic.

Another artist I'm working with, but in a different way also took some time off, a year I think, is back and started up again last month. For this one I keep her Blogger website updated. I'm mostly just her webmaster. I looked at her website one day and I told her that her site was broken and she confessed that he couldn't do anything with it. It was beyond her. So she gave me access and I cleaned it up and gave it a new theme and all that. Now I just post updates, new pages and anything else that has to do with her comic.

 Royal Pain

For the other and last one, I correct her English. She's Russan and although she knows most of the words, it's how she used them that prompted me to offer my help in making her wording more... understandable. She's a great artist and I didn't want her words to keep her from getting traction in the webcomic world. I was lucky to catch her at the start of her comic. I showed up after conception but at execution.


It's with her I had the little fit with.

So anyway, she sends me what she wants them to say, kinda like a script and I correct it and send it back to her. A few times I honest don't understand what she is trying to say and that goes back and forth a few times until we get it figured out and we are both happy with the words in the end.

Well, a week or so back I got the dialog for pages 10-22 or something like that and on the first page, she had this outcry of surprise that I thought wasn't in character for who she gave it to. So I took it out and explained why when she brought it up. I didn't think anything of it, and we got all the corrections done.

Now last night she posted that page and I see she kept the outburst but changed the words used. So I sent her a note in DA and said that if she really wanted the outburst I might have been able to find something better for her. I also didn't think that she used the word she had correctly.

I tried to change the words and that I may not be able to come up with something better and explain why I think it shouldn't be there at all. But then I did. I was quite happy that I was able to find some kind of outcry that matched the person.

But then she wrote me back and had issue with almost everything else that I said. I then tried to explain and she completely misunderstood. I even wrote, "I'm not bad mouthing you or your comic." She then quotes it back to me and asks why I was helping her at all if I didn't like her work. I almost pulled my hair at reading that. What on earth was going on?

After I clawed that back from the edge for us to be on what I think is good ground, I wonder if one of her friends wasn't messing with me. I started that whole thing so she would know that she could challenge the words or ideas I have for her dialog. That she didn't have the work around me and instead she seemed to believe that I didn't like her comic or how she draws or something else which isn't true.

Why would I work to have the words back to her as quickly as possible? Why would I apologize for not being online all day and just getting her note of words? Why would I be submitting each new page to clubs I'm in for a bit more exposure? Why would I be up at 3am trying to make sure we are both happy with what I come up with and making sure they sounded in character if I didn't want to do this?

So that leads me to what I titled this post. Languages. I think that we have been lucky until now not to have had a real misunderstanding due to speaking different languages.

And after all that, I don't think she even saw the correction I sent her for that first page even though I sent it to her twice. So that has darkened my mood a little.


Jan 3, 2017

Re-posting on Watt Pad


Yesterday I started to post my story "Painful Equality" over on Watt Pad.

I have two parts up already and I will be posting one per day.

But currently I have and issue. I don't like the spacing between the paragraphs. So when you go from one part to the next you will see this.

I would like you to tell me which you like better when reading. 😊

So you get and update and being asked for help at the same time.

Oh, you notice that the cover is slightly different. I had to resize it for Wattpad and I didn't have the other font on my computer yet. 😊